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Born in Fukuoka prefecture.

YUC'e is a trackmaker, lyricist, composer, and vocalist based in the Tokyo. She is the most recent artist to make waves in the Japanese music scene.


She studied music theory abroad and began releasing her own music in 2015.


While she was already starting to gain traction with other producers, it was the release of her "Future Cαndy" EP in late 2016 that helped to expand her fanbase globally. In 2017 and 2018, she appeared at Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

In February 2018, she released an official remix of Dean Fujioka's "Let it snow" and in the same month, she released an official remix of "The Love Bug" by m-flo loves BoA.

By October 2018, she released first album "Future Cake" which ranked No. 1 on the Spotify viral chart.

Alongside Yunomi, YUC'e also co-manages the future bass-oriented label, Miraicha Records.

In 2019, YUC'e  signed under the management of INCS toenter.

She is gradually expanding her worldview.

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