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MYTH & ROID is a contemporary creative unit consisting of vocalist KIHOW, and Tom-H@ck on the production side, boasting a full- scale, international sound. With sharp, catchy melodies and commanding vocal performances, MYTH & ROID made their major debut in July of 2015 in collaboration with the hit television anime series, OVERLORD, with their first single “L.L.L.” This success along with their coordinated release of the show’s opening song, ranked at No. 1 and 2  respectively on iTunes genre rankings, with their
general rankings coming in together at No. 3, overall, making it a brilliant debut with the anime series.

Tying together a combination of sophisticated digital rock and next generation industrial rock sounds, and an unprecedented progression of vocals, MYTH & ROID has also created theme songs for anime titles BUBUKI/BURANKI, Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World, The Saga of Tanya the Evil, and OVERLORD III.

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