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VGR takes iconic music themes to the main stage and transforms his favorite soundtracks into festival-ready bangers, blending his love of video game, movie, and anime soundtracks with his passion for electronic music production.


VGR has partnered with Cartoon Network for projects such as the official Steven Universe Future Remix compilation and the channel’s Theme Songs Holiday Remix compilation, as well as collaborated with popular streamer and influencer LilyPichu. Beyond his remix projects, VGR also releases original music under his alternate alias, Nokae. As Nokae, VGR has released tracks on prestigious labels such as Monstercat and produced music for video games such as the award-winning, cross-platform Rocket League and Odyssey Interactive’s Omega Strikers. 


VGR has garnered more than 260,000 subscribers on YouTube and 200 million plays across all platforms under both aliases. No matter the project, VGR creates music that transcends the simple act of listening, creating an immersive sensory experience that resonates with clients and customers.

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