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TORIENA, real name Sae Fujimoto, is an all-in-one producer who self-executes everything on her songs from writing lyrics and performing vocals, to composition and artwork. She’s known for her catchy, high energy rave sounds and pop vocals that sometimes betray a hint of something darker underneath.


Getting her start in 2012 as a chiptune composer making songs using Nintendo’s Game Boy hardware, she hit the ground running with a debut performance at the iconic Blip Festival Tokyo that same year. In 2013 she founded Madmilky Records and started a regular stream of releases which quickly garnered attention worldwide and saw her perform shows in the UK and Italy in 2015.


In 2016 she started to make a shift in her sound, releasing her first vocal album “FAKEBIT”. Adding a vocal performance to her already popular compositions brought in more attention and less than a year later she would make her major label debut with the release “MELANCOZMO” on Japan’s Toy’s Factory. Her vocal talent also made her an in demand collaborator, working with up and coming as well as already established artists. Her 2018 collaboration with French producer Moe Shop, “Notice”, would become a viral hit online with more than 50 million plays across digital platforms.


To date, TORIENA has done composition work for a wide selection of major partners in Japan including producing tracks for Sega’s “Sonic The Hedgehog” franchise and contributing to several of Konami’s popular arcade rhythm games. Her music has also been featured in the hit anime “Dropkick on my Devil”, and in 2022 she was tapped by popular girls idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku to produce a song for their 7th full-length album.

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