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MINMI has been a musical trailblazer throughout her 20-year career. Emerging from Japan’s prolific reggae scene in the late 90s, she has drawn international acclaim for her smooth bi-lingual vocals, evocative lyrics, and dynamic live performances.


Her 2002 debut single, “The Perfect Vision,” sold more than 500,000 copies. Over the course of her ensuing albums, MINMI incorporated a wide range of R&B and hip hop influences and continued to refine her signature sound.

In 2004, she contributed the song "Shiki no Uta" to the anime Samurai Champloo, where it appears as the end credits theme. In 2015, MINMI released her seventeenth single "Hologram" which was also featured as theme song to anime series Jitsu wa Watashi wa, known in the U.S. as My Monster Secret.

MINMI released her 9th studio album, Identity, in 2018, and supported its release with a nationwide tour of Japan. She also released the single, “Winner,” the same year, which was used as the official anthem for fans of the Yokohama Mariners soccer team.

MINMI continues to devote herself totally to the Soca beat and culture has toured extensively at numerous international reggae and rock festivals around the world.

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