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Creep-P's been through it all.


From their challenging entry into the Vocaloid space - leaving with explosive hits such as "Exorcism," "Karma (with Circus-P)," and "Hyperdontia (with GHOST and PALS)," to their time as a virtual streamer - releasing their sophomore album, TOYBOX, with hits such as "R.I.P (with Jackie Extreme & Chi-Chi)," "DOGWALK," featuring icons such as Projekt Melody, their viral TikTok hit of their cover of "She's Homeless" by Crystal Waters, and finally performing for MIKUEXPO 2023 VR and DIGITAL STARS 2023, as well as returning for Digital Stars 2024, alongside with returning with new music featuring TikTok sensation, 6arelyhuman, Creep-P starts preparing for what's to be their most ambitious and vicious project yet, hoping on everything the public is ready for it.

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