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BURNOUT SYNDROMES are a 3-piece rock band from Osaka formed in 2005 consisting of Kazuumi Kumagai on vocals/guitar, Taiyu Ishikawa on bass, and Takuya Hirose on drums. Their goal is to constantly push the limit of a 3-piece band and create precisely calculated sound to color the world.

In March 2016, to celebrate their 10th anniversary since forming and their major label debut, they released the single "FLY HIGH!!" with EPIC Records Japan. The nationwide tour held to promote their latest album "Meisei" sold out at all venues.

BURNOUT SYNDROMES has provided theme songs for numerous series such as "FLY HIGH!!" for Haikyuu!!, "Hana Ichi Monme" for Gintama, and "Good Morning World!" for Dr. Stone.

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