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Originally from Chiba Prefecture in Japan, Masa Ash is now active in LA as a Music Director in a gospel church.


In his early 20s, Masa Ash was working as a model for a magazine in Japan and didn’t have much interest in music. However, he suddenly found a drive to go down the path of music and moved to America to pursue his vision. Masa proudly became one of the only Japanese producers to incorporate a unique style of African American gospel roots in his creations. Starting from being an inexperienced producer in his late 20s, he became a producer on “Death Row Records” only half a year later. From there, he was scouted to compose for artists like 50cent and Eminem and from there worked in various studios. After only 1 year of producing music, he was brought in to be a music director at a black gospel church and continues to work there to this day.


Since his beginnings he has produced various artists and provided music to a number of projects. Despite being Japanese, Masa Ash had no interest in the music scene in Japan as his first songs and music projects all stemmed from him moving to America. He believes that no other Japanese producer can create the kinds of music he does. It is not a superficial “foreign” sound, but rather naturally unique ideas, imagination, groove, focus, and performance stemming from his roots.


His YouTube channel currently contains about 15 videos with 15,000 subscribers and over 1.2 collective views.


From now on he wishes to continue his work in America and Japan as one of the few artists who can truly make a bridge between both countries and shorten the distance between them. He wishes to use this weapon to the fullest extent.

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