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KATFYR is a music producer and DJ from Los Angeles, California.

Known for his signature mix of energetic beats, powerful synths, chip-tune elements, and a healthy dose of Japanese Jazz Fusion melodies, KATFYR’s music has gathered a loyal worldwide fan base.

He’s performed throughout Europe and Japan alongside Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Crystal Castles, Designer Drugs and Wolfpack, and his music is a regular presence in Beatport charts, with both “Lose Control” and “Coffee Time” making it to the number 1 spot of the Top 100.

In 2018, KATFYR produced an official remix for Koda Kumi’s hit single “PARTY” which was released as part of her Driving Hit’s 8 remix album, and which the J-Pop singer has been using as an opener for her live performances. This was followed by 2 more official remixes, this time for the singles “WATCH OUT” and “Guess Who Is Back”, which were released in her follow-up album, Driving Hit’s 9.

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